Long Beach Prostitution Defense Attorney Talks About Current Enforcement Trends

We have all seen the ads on sites such as Craigslist, back page and the like for services pertaining to “massage” and other similar offers.  Well now it seems the Long Beach police Department has taken an active interest in these and other marketing efforts by suspected people hawking sexual acts for money.  Where in past years the focus was on “escorts” and those services the focus is know on massage and the like.  The police have set up a number of sting operations whereby officers will pose as customers or in some cases as the sex operators themselves in an effort to catch both the prostitutes and the “johns”.  One well-known Long Beach Prostitution Defense Attorney says some of these undercover operations may in fact step over the line of legal enforcement.  Yes, many legal commentators have alleged that the police may be trampling on the rights of the accused in these sting operations.  Many times the person pursued is claiming entrapment and police overreaching, in some cases actually luring the innocent into the net of the operation.  Right now, there are a number of cases that are in the Courts waiting for rulings on the actions of the police involving arrests for solicitation in violation of Penal Code section 647b.  Those defendants have hired attorneys and will  have trials in the Long Beach Court.

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