How to Recall a Bench Warrant in Long Beach Court

A bench warrant is an order issued by a court to go out and arrest a person.  These types of warrants differ slightly from an arrest warrant inasmuch as they are typically issued “on the bench” by a Judge because an accused in a criminal case failed to appear or failed to comply with some type of court ordered obligation such as paying a fine, performing cal trans or community service, DUI school or violating terms of probation.  So how do you get a warrant recalled?  Well, the best way is to hire a local lawyer.  For example, one Long Beach Bench Warrant Recall Lawyer says that a warrant can be quashed by filing a motion with the court and showing up in the morning on calendar.   if one wants to clear a warrant, he or she can appear in court themselves and ask to be added to the walk in calendar of the court docket.  There are some risks to this in that the judge could remand them and set bail if the violation is serious.  Whatever the person chooses to do to take care of it, it is best to deal with it early and not let if fester.

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