Falsely Accused of Lewd Act in Public in Long Beach? We Can Help.

The crime of lewd act in public is perhaps the most common crime pursued by overzealous cops in the city of Long Beach.  Indeed, it appears the police target many of the popular gay and homosexual meeting places and find ways to entrap the innocent that are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you or a friend that has been implicated in some offense related to Penal Code section 647A and are facing a Court appearance in the Long Beach superior Court then a local criminal lawyer in the city can help.  Long Beach Criminal Attorney Matthew Ruff has been successful in obtaining dismissals in nearly 80 percent of the lewd conduct cases he has defended in long beach court.  No doubt that manu cops engage in unscrupulous practices to ensnare good decent folks into the net of criminal conduct.   Many have argued that the LBPD has dicriminated against groups in order to increase arrests and obtain additional funding for sting operations in the city.  A Long Beach Lewd Conduct Attorney can fight the case and clear your good name.

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