What to do if you are arrested for public intoxication in Long Beach CA

A public intoxication charge is a misdemeanor offense in the state of California.  The applicable code that defines the offense is Penal Code section 647 (F).  The charge usually involves the use of alcohol, however the offense can involve drug intoxication as well, or a combination of both.  The crime is referred to as “drunk in public” or “public intoxication”.  Upon release from jail the accused will usually receive a ticket or citation with a signed promise to appear back in the Long Beach Superior Court at some later date.  This appearance is known as an arraignment and will require the person to enter a plea and decide whether they want a trial to fight the case or take a deal.  Here is where a lawyer can help.  If the individual contacts an attorney immediately after their release, the attorney can oftentimes contact the city prosecutor and arrange a disposition that may avoid any court appearances and keep the offense off the person’s criminal record. A local lawyer can handle the case even if your do not live in the state or the county.  Long Beach Public Intoxication Attorney  Matthew Ruff  has helped thousands of good people escape the long-term stigma of a criminal conviction in these types of cases and other misdemeanor offenses, he can be reached toll-free at 1-877-212-2090.  Call for more information.  A Long Beach Drunk in Public ticket does not have to lead to a conviction if the right steps are taken.

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