How Do I Find A Good Long Beach DUI Attorney?

Attorneys, like any other profession are prevalent in the area of drunk driving defense but how do you find a good one?  This question is best answered by telling the consumer some things not to do when looking for a driving under the influence defense lawyer in Long Beach California.  First, one should not be lured into believing that an attorney is good just because he or she spends a lot of money on advertising.  A flashy website is not representative of a quality lawyer.  Although there is nothing inherently evil about a law firm spending money on marketing, be careful and do not place too much emphasis on theses trappings.  Instead, look at the attorneys experience, his or her knowledge level and his familiarity with the local Court your case will be heard in.  Do not overlook the DMV, many lawyers do not understand the fine points of license suspension hearings but they mean a lot to the person facing the loss of a precious driving privilege.    A good Long Beach DUI Attorney should know the ins and outs of the prosecutorial agencies in the region.  For example, that a drunk driving arrest in Signal Hill will not be prosecuted by the same entity as one in Belmont Shore or, for that matter in San Pedro.  Knowing the adversary is crucial to obtaining a good outcome in the case.  Lastly, hire a lawyer that actually has gone to trial in a DUI case in that Court.  Although your case will likely not go to trial, having a track record of success will be powerful leverage when negotiating with the prosecutor.

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