Can A Blood Sample Be Re-tested in a DUI Case?

In most drunk driving prosecutions the DUI defense attorney will want to have the blood sample reanalyzed for alcohol content. Among the reasons for retesting might be the fact that the sample is suspected of having been compromised or that the defendant disagrees with the result that the states lab has reported. The procedure to have the sample retested involves getting a Court order and selecting a private laboratory to have the fluid analyzed. There are many labs that do this type of tesing. Primarily there are two distinctive tests that should be done, the first is a BAC check which tests the sample for alcohol concentration. The second is a preservative test which checks the sample for the level of sodium fluoride in the mix. This substance is there to keep the blood evidence from fermenting which could actually elevate the BAC level within the sample tube. Once these things are checked out the DUI attorney can be sure that the integrity of the evidence is sound.

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