Long Beach Domestic Violence Lawyer Obtains Not Guilty Verdict

On September 12, 2011 Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff obtained a Not Guilty verdict for a client charged with Penal Code section 273.5 and PC 243(e)(1).  The client had consistently maintained his innocence and asserted the alleged victim lied about the incident which included allegations of punching, kicking, choking and hair pulling.  Fortunately, the jury was not swayed by the emotional 911 tape and statements to the Long Beach Police about how she was beaten in the past and was threatened by the defendant to not call the police.  The case is a classic example of the blind faith that prosecutors put into DV cases in the city.  Numerous attempts were made by defense counsel to “settle” the case and not expend substantial judicial resources on the trial.  But, as is often the case the City Prosecutor simply ignores inherent weaknesses in its cases and tries to bully the defendant to plead guilty to charges in spite of serious exculpatory evidence that should cause them to exercise their prosecutorial discretion and dismiss.

This recent case is a testament to how the system will vindicate if only the defense has the courage to go to trial and let a jury decide.  It is estimated that the trial cost the state at least $10,000.

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