Does Overcrowding of the Courts Lead to Injustice?

We all know that the Long Beach Court is at a tipping point as far as workload and the ability to process cases.  The Courts are essentially shutting down all civil trials and focusing only on criminal cases. But does the system reach a point where the overworked players become numb to the protection of rights and want to move cases along, sometimes turning a blind eye the violations of constitutional rights?  Some say this happens all the time, that Judges, Public Defenders and District Attorneys become jaded.  How can this be avoided? A lighter caseload takes the stress off everyone, it allows the participants to focus more on every case, giving attention to violations of rights when they become apparent.  Heavy case loads create an assembly line mentality, the cases come down the line faster and faster and they cannot get backlogged, they must be disposed of (imagine the scene from I Love Lucy in the chocolate factory) In this scenario, rights violations get ignored in the interest of “moving the cases along”.  Our criminal justice system is far too important to allow it to get to this point.  More resources must be allocated to the Court system before it is too late.  Your Thoughts?