What Are My Rights If The Police Want To Talk To Me?

In this country we all enjoy the freedom to say no to the police when they want to question us about a crime.  The right is called the fifth amendment to the constitution and permits any person to ignore a request to answer questions from law enforcement.  However, few exercise this right that our forefathers fought so hard to acquire.  The purpose of the right is to prevent the government from running roughshod over the weak and unsophisticated and see to it that law enforcement cannot simply detain and hold someone as long as they want to get information or answers to questions that they believe is crime related.  The most courteous way to deal with the police is to simply say that they do not want to answer any questions unless a lawyer is present both before and during any interrogation.  According to one Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney, if one is polite about their demand to have a lawyer present, then the officer will likely relent and end the interview.  The bottom line is that the right to say no is a constitutional right and is well protected.

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