How Does Long Beach Court Handle a Bench Warrant?

A bench warrant is one that is issued by a judge on the bench, usually when a person does not appear in Court.  A commonly asked question is how do you clear a bench warrant once it has been issued?

The first thing that must be asked is whether the warrant is for a felony or a misdemeanor.  If it is for a misdemeanor such as DUI or petty theft than a lawyer can show up for the person and have the matter resolved.  For felonies however, the law requires a personal appearance by the accused in order to clear the court record.  According to Matthew Ruff, a Long Beach Criminal Attorney, the Judge will often look to the person’s record of failures to appear in order to decide whether bail will be set.  if the individual has no prior FTA’s on their DMV record than the Court will likely recall and quash the warrant.  Thereafter the case can be set for a trial or some sort of pretrial hearing in order to work out a deal on the case.  However, in some instances if the case is extremely old the attorney may be able to get the charges dismissed based on a denial of the defendant’s right to speedy prosecution.  This type of legal motion is very complex and a lawyer should be contacted to discuss the nuances of the case.

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