New Allegations Are Made In The O.J. Simpson Case

Just when you think the case was dead and buried, one of the Simpson prosecutors made startling accusations this week that revived the case and has upset many involved.  The head District Attorney on the case, Darden, now a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles made a very perplexing allegation in a speech he gave to a College.  The disgruntled ex prosecutor alleged that the deceased defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran manipulated the glove that so embarrassed Darden in the trial.  Darden says the attorney tore the lining with the intent to have it not fit Simpson in the now famous scene where he tries the glove and it does not fit.  The stunt led to the winning phrase of the criminal trial “if the glove does not fit, you must acquit”.  Other defense lawyers involved in the case have not commented.  The new story seems to outrage many in the legal community and see it only as “sour grapes” from an ex D.A. who got his buttocks kicked.  I guess some people simply cannot admit their defeats and move on with life.

2 Responses to New Allegations Are Made In The O.J. Simpson Case

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