Have an Old Warrant in the Long Beach Court? An Attorney Can Resolve It.

Arrested?  Get Help Now!

Bench warrants are issued for many reasons, the most prominent of which is for a FTA or failure to appear.  What often happens is the accused is issued a ticket for say drunk in public or DUI and they leave the area and forget about the Court date.  What can be done?  There is a procedure to recall the warrant and if the case is a misdemeanor a lawyer can appear for you and clear the matter.  You must understand that California law requires that any FTA be reported to the DMV and a hold will be placed on the person’s drivers license.  Most states will eventually be notified of the warrant and they too will place a hold or suspension on the individual’s driving privilege.  A Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney can place the case on the Court docket and get before a Judge who can quash the arrest warrant and thereby wipe out any DMV hold.  There is no statute of limitations on bench warrants, they will remain active forever so it is best to deal with the situation before it gets worse and you are arrested and held in jail pending extradition to the Superior Court in Long Beach.