Long Beach Criminal Attorney Matthew Ruff: Staying Out of Trouble at the Grand Prix

The Long Beach Grand Prix attracts thousands of visitors to our great city.  Fun, laughs, meeting new people, enjoying the racing, drinking and having a good time are all reasons the event is popular.  However, behind the scenes the police are patrolling, out looking for those who try to spoil everyone else’s fun by overdoing it.  The LBPD brings in hundreds of extra officers to watch the partygoers, and they are out there in force.  If you have been arrested, call Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff, toll free at 1-877-212-2090.

Here is a quick 3 step approach to staying out of trouble:

1).    If you drink, do it responsibly.  Alcohol and drugs are prevalent at these types of events so do not go overboard.

2).    If you drink or get high, stay away from all vehicles.  Drunk driving is the biggest crime committed at the Grand Prix and the police will take your license, throw you in jail and make you bail out for a Court date 3 weeks away.  the fines for a DUI in Long Beach are well over $2000 and it stays on your record for 10 years.  Get a designated driver,or take a cab.

3).    Avoid walking the streets after you have over imbibed.  The Long Beach Police has a bike patrol that enforces the city streets, they will arrest you for drunk in public, 647f, and throw you in the tank to sober up with a ticket for a court date in the superior court.  Be careful.

Have fun, do it responsibly, if you are arrested remember to remain silent and ask for a lawyer.  If it is a DUI, take the breath test, not the PAS, say little about what you had to drink, exercise your right to remain silent!.