Grand Prix Of Long Beach 2015

The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach got off to a good start this year without any major glitches.  Here are a few tips to avoid trouble this year:

1.  If you are going to drink, get a designated driver.  Long Beach police are out on saturation patrols the entire week. If you do get arrested a Long Beach DUI Attorney should be contacted immediately in order to request a hearing to save your license.

2.  When consuming alcohol at the event always find a restroom.  Public urination arrests were up last year and the fines are heavy.

3.  Avoid excessive consumption of booze.  The police are trained to arrest anyone for public intoxication who may be unable to care for themselves or are unsafe.  If you are contacted by security or a cop, be polite, that goes a long way in avoiding an arrest and a sure trip to jail.

the bottom line is that you can have a good time and stay out of trouble if you use common sense.  If you or a loved one does get arrested, call Long Beach a Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff for a free consultation, toll free at 1-877-212-2090 or visit his website.


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