Long Beach Getting Tougher On DUI Offenders With Priors

One of the first contacts a defendant has with the judicial system is the arraignment which provides a time to enter a plea and allows the prosecutor to ask for bail pending adjudication of the case.  Bail is a right in misdemeanor cases but the Court can also allow release on OR which means own recognisance release.

In the past, most accused would be allowed to be released on OR even if they had prior convictions.  This is no longer the case.  The Long Beach City Attorney is now seeking bail on all cases of drunk driving where the defendant has a prior conviction.  This means you could be remanded at the arraignment in spite of having been cited out by the police.

What can be done ?  If you are facing a DUI case in the city contact a Long Beach DUI Lawyer before your arraignment to discuss your options and ways to avoid being taken into custody at the first Court appearance.  If you fail to plan for the case you may be shocked and surprised when you find yourself in handcuffs in the courtroom.

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