Understanding Criminal Prosecutions In Long Beach Court


Criminal prosecutions in Long Beach occur in the local Superior Court.  That Court handles all charges that originate in L.B. City, Signal Hill, Harbor City, San Pedro and the areas adjacent to those municipalities.

The Court in Long Beach is the newest in Los Angeles County.  The Court boasts one of the most user friendly environments of any governmental structure but the system can be a little confusing when it comes to understanding how criminal cases are filed and prosecuted.

Initially, it must be understood that the Judicial system as far as state cases are involved revolves around the local district attorney being the seminal agency that files and brings forth any criminal charge.  However, in Long Beach that is not always the case.

If you are arrested in the city of Long Beach for a misdemeanor such as DUI, drunk in public or solicitation for prostitution, then the local city attorney, not the DA, files and prosecutes the case.  While the DA is responsible for representing the people in all felony matters, when it comes to petty offenses the city carries the ball.

Adding to the confusion, if you are arrested in San Pedro, the Los Angeles city attorney will be the plaintiff, as well as the Harbor gateway. Signal Hill however employs the DA to prosecute all of its minor infractions.

The good news is that when you walk into the Court you will be greeted by a huge electronic calendar that will guide you to the proper courtroom.  Good luck and I hope this helps in clarifying the local system.

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